Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum Excavation is a non-mechanical, non-destructive digging method that is a safe way of exposing buried utilities such as pipes, structures, buried conduit and wires. 

Benefits of Vac Truck Excavation

  • Uncover buried utilities safely
  • Minimize cleanup
  • Less disruptive and invasive
  • Get more done for less money

What is Vacuum Excavation?

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Vacuum Excavation is a non-mechanical, non-destructive digging method that is a safe way of exposing buried utilities such as pipes, structures, buried conduit and wires. The proven vacuum excavation process that we utilize involves using high-pressure air and or water to perform the initial breakup of the soil. This loosens the soil and allows us to start removing the top layers of the soil with the vacuum as the air pressure continues to loosen and remove the deeper layers of soil.

We can then begin to check the status of the hole and begin to identify underlying utilities, pipes, structures, etc. Excavated soil is returned to the excavator storage tanks, so no mess is created and minimal disruption occurs, making it a breeze to fill in the hole once the job is done.

Vacuum excavation truck services are different from other digging processes as it is one of the safest and least invasive methods, which is why it is sometimes referred to as soft digging. Vacuum excavation allows us to quickly and efficiently remove large amounts of dirt with minimal risk to buried items.

Bellamy Construction prides itself on its highly-skilled excavation team members who employ custom-engineered, high-powered versatile vacuum trucks designed for non-destructive vacuum excavation/soft digging. Our Vac Truck is equipped with power-driven, heavy-duty displacement blowers, capable of making pulls from up to 100 feet deep. In addition, our truck features a large debris/spoil tank to minimize dump time!


What sets Bellamy Construction Vacuum Excavation Services apart?

  • Superior vacuum excavation truck
  • Solid/semi-solid/liquid vacuum excavation capabilities
  • Hydraulic-driven booms for efficient and precise soft digging
  • Highly trained vacuum truck operators with remote control capabilities

Vacuum Truck Excavation

Commonly Used Applications


Hydro excavation trucks can easily remove debris and clean out structures without affecting surrounding areas or structures. Traditional excavation equipment features heavy, mechanical components that often need a range of room to work properly. The boom component on a hydro excavation truck provides the operator with more flexibility and maneuverability with commands at their fingertips to determine exactly where the boom needs to be – in both height and depth. Hydro excavation units can remove this type of debris in both wet and dry forms including rough debris such as rocks and sand.


One of the most common uses of hydro excavation is daylighting. This is the practice of digging to expose and locate underground utilities. During daylighting the hydro excavation truck will use water and/or air to break up the ground and the vacuum system to remove the soil onsite. The water and vacuum, if used properly, does not disturb or damage these existing utilities. Contractors often use this method to determine the vertical and horizontal location of underground utilities.


Hydro excavation trucks are also ideal for soil trenching. This process digs narrow trenches to install pipelines, cables, and various in-ground utilities. Using hydro excavation for this task ensures that only the area needing excavation is being affected with the precision that only hydrovac units provide. In addition, hydrovacs are able to do this job even on frozen surfaces, which is difficult for a backhoe or trencher. The hydro excavation truck gives operators the option to use warm water to break down the frozen ground and vacuum this into the debris tank. Hydro excavation is a more efficient and non-destructive method to soil trench.


As mentioned, hydro excavation offers a type of precision in excavating that is not available with any other type of machinery. With this capability, hydro excavation trucks are used to dig holes of various diameters and depths to lay all types of pilings. Utilizing a hydrovac for this kind of project is the best option.


As previously touched on, hydro excavation can excavate even during cold and freezing weather conditions. Contrary to the capabilities of manual and traditional digging, cold weather does not restrict hydro excavation. Hydrovac units are equipped functions to excavate with heated water used to breakup frozen soil and get the job done.
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